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Monday, August 15, 2016



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Dylan James Reddy said...

Wins aren't won before a win, but when you win you want to win, and win, and win win win. These days respect pennies more than my pen inked, dollars more than my dealings, food that's not always deli or delicious but is not sub wack and has nourishment. Not rich man, not the richest, not anywhere close to the Forbes list, but there's not anyone out there who can say I'm not for business. Respect every single body whose a little bossy with their business, every little cocky fan rooting for their own interests, every single body with vocational vocality evoking entering negotiating for entertainment like it's intricate, every single diamond that's temperament is tense wondering if they're tens. Thinking am I writing "country" or for my country, for companies or for more company, for them cussing me or for they're my cousins and me, for reality or for the real me. Really, what if I can serve as a career, cure cancers there and here, can "Sir" every time camera men are mumbling here, can mural intricate details into carefully caring core cares. I care, and I can't cure all my curiosity, killing catch phrases like there's no character in me, catching feelings on sight like sigh, the time is now D. Everything dear to me I do right by, joys that I do live for and die by, after swearing do this daily and nightly, sincerely righting indiscretions I created and derived, from day one to in a daze severing ties. Sure, its loyal to those loyal to judge myself before all others, but ruling myself "honorable" doesn't make be more than my sisters or my brothers, bloodbath out here washing away everything I love for, but seeing the closed future is farther away the less of it I nurture. Mom always says "Get what's off your chest", so I do. Some more Kings and Queens, but precisely I'm wondering what about you? Passing delicate, permanent time for my rulers of success, but what about you? And you? And you? Your all known for proving determination is right to hold true, true? I'll keep up with doing me, and you all keep up with doing you.

Dylan James Reddy said...

First person to let y'all know I don't right all my mistakes. My take on this world is to live, in "my space". My stakes in others, merely a thread per some in me. "Second person" are my favorite words grammatically because faces like "what's up!", instantly. Someone from SoCal asked am I a "business man", said "in training". Should've added "to be seen as a man" for entertaining. In dusty straits sometimes, other times what ever I do is working. In tournaments that try wize hoarding the wealth, then it appears, "magicking". So are you, your working hard for it. Exchanging your "time" for "timing", broke is "foreign". Precious ownership in what you do, your plate's full (men yawn). Banking money here like "Goldilocks", bearing you don't wake up poor, a janitor yelling. Clean up clean, thinking "Queen", priceless things, billions dream. Kings have Queens, Kings have genes, Kings have "Jeeves", Kings have dreams. I'm not "King", I'm not "Monarchy", I'm not "Royalty", I'm not "Jeeves". You might be, you could be, you should be, you have dreams. Hear my own, grander dreams, run, wish life delivers fine. Hear and patronize yours, never, that's dumb, I'll do right. Wonder if the less time spent talking, more time saved for listening in life. Less time I save listening, more time I have dreaming for days and nights. Sometimes, don't you feel like they wrote a child off over here? Sometimes, you have to write yourself in to the script, ad lib. I swear I eat life up like it's on a silver plater. Diamond forks poking me from every which angle, but better than silver spoons handed, so I think out the box and grab them. Sometimes, it's before chiming in knowing where's your forte. Sometimes, it's a battle, sometimes it's a warning. Some tears shed over the years, lives lost that mattered dearly. Sincere the rest of the time, I find excuses for laughing. Ha ha ha ha, if I say it, I mean it. Went from teenage mutant ninja turtle, to perfecting art in fact. Fell in love deeply with the language, languishing over "English". Feel in love with the "Presidents", or is it the power from the precedents from how these please?

Dylan James Reddy said...

To give it all, have it all to give. To live for everyone, everyone has to live. Found foundation, didn't add enough. Salivating in salvation, so "not evil as them". From people accustomed to changing lives, to those searching for change to live on. From places that vow let's never sleep, to those constantly slept on. Underdogs who are dogs, bullish on fate. Dark horses in the race who jockey their way to first place. To thank, think. To take care, care take. The writing of truths before they're writ, the feelings of proving it after the improvements. The sounds of muses, the scenes of movements, the silence of just doing it.

Nguyễn Lăng said...

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Anonymous said...

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