Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P Mike


Yung Che said...

Rest In Peace Michael J... For real...

ps. Mike deserves all of these tributes hes recieving....

soda said...

Thanks Mike. He influenced many artist directly or indirectly. They music we love today was somewhat sparked by him. Peace!

Joycelynn said...


Lelan said...

I know you torn your acl but after that do u c yourself developing maybe sum dance moves?

foxxy said...

Journey home, Mike. We love you.

eknowsnas401 said...

I always envisioned him passing with me being an older woman telling my children just how important/crucial Michael Jackson was in the world of music. Instead, I'm 21 and my mother is telling me lol. The magnitude of his stardom will never be matched. R.I.P Michael

On another note, let's not forget that we lost Farrah Fawcett as well. She was a corageous woman for documenting her battle with anal cancer. R.I.P Farrah

Now I'm off to watch The Wiz with my mama!

Adonis said...

RIP Michael.

Smilesthepoet said...

Best performance ever! :)

Booger Snots said...

The reason I like Michael is soely based on the arcade game that featured him, that I played when I was about eight years old. He combated the undead with his dancing prowess. That 90's era Michael was shrouded in mystery for a kid. It was a very interesting vibe.

Auri dee Light said...


we love you mike !

Maiyya said...

I love Micheal Jackson..first artist I was introduced to as a kid :) RIP MJ

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